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Cast crystal glass body. Machined brass components. Perforated front grill. For standard wall junction box mounting. UL listed, cUL certified for dry locations.



Fixtures supplied less lamps. Lamps may be ordered from d'ac.


1N60 Incandescent, one 60 W, minican base, T type (included).




120 120V



Front Grill:

PC Polished Chrome

SCF Special Finish - must supply paint chip



The Artful Alternative:

Combining accent / locational lighting with dramatic, mural art potential, a single Radial Tapestry sconce can save hundreds of dollars from the decorating budget. With your control over surface textures, color, "framing" technics and ambient lighting, you become the essential factor in the artistic process.


Evaluating Surface Materials:

Smooth, matte finishes provide superior results. High gloss finishes and deeply textured surfaces are poor choices. Avoid mirrors, specular finishes, glass, reflective materials. Sandblasted glass and glass-bead paints can produce stunning effects. Matte aluminum and low gloss wood surfaces are also excellent substances.


Consider Coincidental Lighting:

Increasing the levels of concurrent ambient lighting will diminish the clarity and definition of the Radial Tapestry effect. Some rules of thumb: Downlights: space out from wall so "cones" hit floor or wall below Tapestry pattern. Wall wash cove lights: not compatible with Radial Tapestry. Parabolic troughers: can be used coincidentally, particularly in "cave effect" treatments where portion of walls (ideal for RTs) are kept dark. Keep troughers as far from walls as practical. Clerestories and skylights: Tapestry effects will be negated in bright sunlight.

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